Essex Hash House Harriers
"A Drinking Club with a Running Problem"


A Potted History of EH3

Danbury H3’s first trail, laid by our founder, Bruce Giddings, (aka Mr Blobby amongst other handles), was run on 4th June 1984, from the Generals Arms in Danbury and it even got a mention in the Essex Chronicle. Hares volunteered on a trail by trail basis, which led to some confusion over whether the early frequency was weekly or bi weekly. However much Danbury H3 (now Essex H3) failed to publish the next venue, hounds found out where it was and with our love of fields, beer, flour, beer, shiggy and beer we have gone from strength to strength

Danbury H3 was quickly superceded by Essex H3 at the 1st AGPU held on 02/12/1984, when they duly elected the 1st EH3 mismanagement committee. There are only so many times you can run the footpaths of Danbury!! Essex numbers have gone up and down as many times as we've trailed up and down "One Tree Hill" but are currently at around 30 Hashers per trail, with an active list of about 70 and we are now in our “Silver Jubilee” year. Run fees were £1 per run or £5 per quarter in the first few years, at a time when beer was around 90p per pint. In 1991/92, when beer went up to around £1.50 per pint, the Committee made the decision to increase fees to £1.50!!! Yep... and what great value it still is today. By then EH3 had had their 100th run at North Weald, 200th run at Thurrock Rugby Club (since revisited for our 1000th, possibly the best Hash event ever!) and had a camp out in Colchester for their 300th.

Hashers are like your Great Auntie Alice, they turn up when you're least expecting them. Records show that Gorbachov and Frogman set the 8th trail for EH3 back in 1984 and they turned up out, of the blue, only a few weeks ago. A little greyer and thicker around the waist and maybe a little slower, but it was great to see them again.

EH3 hosted their last one day event with St Georges Day 1993. A fantastic day! Playaway stayed sober & drove visiting Hashers back & forth to the station for his sins. There was a great band and Fergie danced all afternoon but the most memorable event was Big Leg and Dolittle singing a duet back in the pub in Chelmsford, whilst Vicky fell asleep and succeeded in pushing 3 old dears off the window seat they were occupying.

Weather (or should we say seasons) paid a great part in EH3 choosing to celebrate our 555th in May '96 at The White Bear at Passingford Bridge. General consensus (who ever he is, he needs shooting) was that the climate would be great for camping by then. It was freezing!! Hypothermic Hashers were strewn all over the field. With the aid of Vicky Vomit’s gas ring we were nursing Hashers back to life for a couple of hours until the pub opened for breakfast. We learnt by our mistakes and celebrated our next few events in what were, hopefully, the warmer months of June & July. Meetings were held for many years on Thursdays at The Ship in West Hanningfield where Playaway's relationship with the Landlord, Terry, allowed us to drink to our hearts content, write a cheque (even when we signed it with our Hash Names and the Bank honoured it) have a food fight and then be left to sleep it off in the bar until the next morning. The "core" of the committee was based in Chelmsford at this time but having now moved to the south east of the county, the meetings have moved to the Old Dog in Herongate on the 1st Wednesday of the month. EH3 continue to set weekly trails around Essex, however EH3's most travelled Hasher is probably Windsock (and Tops), who do their best to get us to travel with them, in fact around 30 of us joined another 4000 Hashers and went to Cardiff Interhash in 2004, and some ventured to Chang Mai (Thailand) for Interhash 2006. Long may Hashing reign as the best thing to do on a Monday evening and may the knitting circle cast on new stitches when bones become too crumbly to get you round the full trail in time to get to the bar!!

Many thanks to all the GM’s in the past who have helped mismanage us to where we are now. Not wishing to miss any one off the list – you know who you are, but a special thanks is due to Dave “Max Boyce” Sutton who supported EH3 through thick and thin and is probably organising a circle in the clouds as we speak.


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